How Much Is A Pound Worth

Have you just returned from England and want to change the pounds left over from the trip? Or, furthermore, are you going to leave and do you want to make some liquid stock? Or maybe you are a Forex investor and would like to be able to carefully monitor how much a pound is worth? Whatever your need, be aware that following the evolution of the exchange rate between the euro and the pound (or other currencies) is very simple. Let’s see how together.


What is the pound?

To try to find the best way to understand how much a pound is worth, we begin to remember that the British pound is the currency that is used throughout the United Kingdom . His name – an element that is not well known to most – derives from the fact that in the original language his name derives from ” pound of sterling silver “, or the quantity equal to one pound of pure silver (92.5% of silver and 7 , 5% copper, for the alloy called – precisely – sterling silver) to which its value was linked. Hence the peculiarity: in English we speak of “pound”, leaving instead the reference to sterling; in Italy the term “lira” is omitted, equivalent to pound, to speak only of “sterling”.


Banknotes and coins

Having introduced the above, we also recall that the system of banknotes and coins is certainly simpler than that provided by the euro area, given that the pounds are divided into only four denominations: 5, 10, 20 and 50 denominations.

The banknotes are of increasing dimensions and of gray (5), orange (10), violet (20) and red (50) colors. On the front there is always Queen Elizabeth II, while on the back we find – respectively – Elizabeth Fry, Charles Darwin, Edward Elgar and John Houblon.

Euros bank

The coins refer instead to the pound, 1 pound. The only sub-multiple of the pound is the penny, or pence (singular), whose value is 100 per pound.


How much is the pound sterling listed?

Trying to understand how much a pound is worth is very simple. It is in fact sufficient to consult the pages of the main economic and financial newspapers, where the punctual exchange rates of the previous day are represented with respect to the other main exchange currencies.

However, there is also a much more efficient way to get sterling quotes: use the web. Typing in ” how much a pound is worth ” on the main search engines, in fact, you will be able to get hundreds of different results that can meet your knowledge needs.

Also remember that it is possible to obtain identical satisfaction even on the move. In addition to using search engines with your mobile browser, you will know how much a pound is worth through one of the many apps dedicated to Forex lovers and all those who want to control currency exchange rates. At touch you will therefore be able to guarantee full knowledge of what is happening with the foreign exchange market, also obtaining a transparency of conditions when you are going to trade your pounds with a currency exchange or with a credit institution.

By the way, if you are wondering today how much a pound is worth, know that at the time of writing (October 14, 2015) a British pound is worth 1.3489 euros.

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