New Apartments Bought For A Loan Is Underway

For several years now there has been growing interest in new apartments purchased for loans. This is in a sense a phenomenon and an unprecedented situation, especially since real estate prices in some cities have increased by 10% year on year. Nevertheless, the interest of buyers is not falling.


Trends in housing prices

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Homes are getting more expensive, but in the last dozen or so months it has become very visible. There are such cities, where in comparison year-on-year, the prices on average increased by 10%, and the record-makers raised prices by almost one-fifth. This is mainly due to rising land prices, and therefore one should not count on a slowdown in the trend. It is true that some economists warn that such a rise in prices is not justified, but at the same time they admit that with such a high demand, certainly this trend will not reverse.


Trends in housing loans

Trends in housing loans

Analysts look a little differently at the bank. These, of course, are also aware of the increase in housing prices, but, unlike developers, they do not look at the future through pink glasses and credit applications on the verge of profitability tend to be rejected. For now, however, you can not talk about any avalanches, but the prices of mortgages are falling. This apparent contradiction can be explained by changes in the regulations from a few years ago. Now there is no chance of credit for those who have not accumulated at least 10-15, and sometimes 25% of their own contribution. Thus, the risk is lower for the bank, therefore, in order to maintain credit liquidity, the margin decreases. Another thing is that this situation is unhealthy for everyone in the long run, but for now it is as it is.


A bit of panic and false hopes

Developers are largely responsible for the whole situation. These encourage you to buy new apartments for rent. And even pale that an ordinary apartment in a new block of flats is almost always called an apartment, although nothing is connected with it outside of the price. Buyers are more tempted by 7% profit annually. In this calculation, however, no one takes into account the cost of credit, which ultimately significantly reduces the attractiveness of the project. It is false hopes that stimulate interest in this form of investment.

Panic is mainly about people who are looking for apartments for themselves. Developers are happy to report “last homes and flats” and often write that the place ends. In fact, only dear land ends, and cheap land is still unused, but information prospectuses are silent. For the past few years, being scandalized by the ever-closer end of the golden age of construction, investors are buying more apartments, not often looking at prices in other locations.

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It would be appropriate to add a word of warning at the end. The fact that loans are cheap today does not mean that they will always be like that. Because they have a variable interest rate, and we are probably ending a non-inflationary period, it should be assumed that the loan will go up, and the flat will lose value – the oversupply is quite significant and the latter last often stand empty for several years. Therefore, do not act nervously, but rather more cautiously than usual.


Credit information for people who intend to buy their first apartment.

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Loans based on PIT-11 or PIT-40 in EO Bank

Loans based on PIT-11 or PIT-40 in EO Bank

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The EO Bank cash loan is a lot of fun to you

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Cash loan without income statements in EO Bank

Cash loan without income statements in EO Bank

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A consolidation loan up to PLN 150,000 in EO Bank

A consolidation loan up to PLN 150,000 in EO Bank

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A Quick Alternative To A Bank Loan

A quick cash injection from time to time is needed for everyone. In such a situation, you can not always count on a bank – granting a loan is conditional on meeting many requirements, besides, the procedures in banks are time-consuming. Fortunately, there are alternative solutions in the form of express non-bank loans.

Quick non-bank loans with low amounts – usually up to PLN 2,000 PLN – are referred to as payday loans. Among their characteristic features, mention should be made of the short repayment period – on average, from 2 weeks to a month, availability on the spot and maximum simplified formalities. Most often, such loans are granted on presentation of an identity card. No income or security certificates are required. A momentary is a short-term commitment and serves to meet current needs. Its name, moreover, suggests that it is money “borrowed for a moment”.


Non-bank loans online

Non-bank loans online


Another fast way to raise cash on the non-bank financial services market is an online loan. The option to take advantage of this option offers the majority of loan companies present on the Polish market. The advantage of this solution is the settlement of formalities by electronic means. Complete the special application posted on the loan company website. The decision is made within a dozen or so minutes – if it is positive, the money is immediately transferred to the customer’s account. Individuals who use online loans for the first time should have scanned documents confirming their identity.


Loans for text messages

Loans for text messages

Another loan for loans is an express alternative to bank loans. These types of financial products can also be found in the assortment of the majority of loan companies. It should be noted, however, that this is a service available to those customers who have already borrowed in a given company. The company therefore has their data, and also knows whether they are reliable in performing contracts. To receive a loan for text messages, you must send an SMS to the appropriate number with information about the amount and the repayment date.